Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud


Mass grave of 146 killed at Wounded Knee
Mass grave of 146 killed at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, USA December 29, 1890. They died for the color of their skin and their religion.
My mind was blocked by pain the words I could not write, a deep sadness fills my soul at all the misery of my kin.

Still I hear the spirits whisper battering at my brain, though I try so hard to ignore them they are shouting at me again.

How can I reach you my kin, what will make your heart hear, how can I open your minds to the spirit world?

The ancients say you mouth the words but your hearts are not in them, you work and play and forget to pray your People’s past forgotten.

When was the last time you sat at the story fire, how long has it been since you gathered to remember?

Nations, tribes, and families – all are being broken; the ways of the white man are slowly taking over.

A call has been sent from the spirit world; those of you of the blood hear it in the drums and feel a restless needing.

They are reaching out to you, willing to listen and to learn, are you doing your duty as taught by your ancestors?

Are you ignoring the ancients as they cry, how can you shut your heart to the needs of your People?

Why is this thing of quantum becoming so important; are you so like them you now see only color?

Have not we suffered long enough and lived through the hurting; pride and prejudice we faced, and now you do the same things?

You have become the white man though you protest so loudly, you have adopted his ways of greed and selfishness.

When the day is done, how do you face Creator with the hurt of your kin and, on your hands, the blood of your brothers!