Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud


Upon the field of battle lay the heroes of this heated fray, those who fought and died for something they truly believe is right. For family, heart, and home, for lands their ancestors roamed, for the belief in their sacred places where Creator gave to them directions.

True hearts forever led to defend their way of life, peace is their first hope that their sons too will not need to bleed upon the ground.

Freedom to continue on when all things are past and gone, of greed and contention of wanting what belongs to another people. Why do they fight and die you say why cannot we just get along, why must the world still be this way after centuries of bloody frays?

So long as there is want and need someone stronger will take what you own, so long as there are greedy men blood will run from those who defend.

The gifting way of sharing cannot be understood by those who think they are superior, those who think only they and their way is right will force their way on you by might.

How then to change these things you ask, and who will be here at last, only the life givers understand true death, it is their sons who lie upon the ground bleeding out their lives.

The Cherokee were forced away from the homelands of their hearts, so many bled their lives away in the battles of those days, and my friends their hearts are bleeding still!