Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud


Hunger grows across the land, hope is no longer strong
a way of life is dying out, as it has so many times before.

There is no surprise to those who need, the “help” stays at the top
no sense it makes to feed the rich, it is not they who are starving.

They cry “peace”, yet make war, on their own people
plea for equality, yet draw the line at poverty.

Poor, is an embarrassment, no country wishes to claim them
where, I wonder will they sweep them, as they deny the troubles?

In my mind a whisper stays, soft laughter that is loving;
keep your head child, do not despair, it is simply changes.

Nothing new here, in the stew, of bursting bubbles;
it will not be their money that these fools are needing.

A connection to a way, long thought passed away
strength inside, in their minds that will keep them moving.

Stones too cry, for those wise enough to hear them
green means life, yet only the child raised wild will remember.

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: March 14, 2009
Awarded: March 14, 2009
Ask the young of today, where does your food come from
what is the most important, light or darkness?

Have you taught them, did you take the time to show
are you a leader, or do you follow blindly?

Never again, the leaders said, would this country know hunger
no more bread lines, for the land of milk and honey.

Taxes, “they said”, there lies the answer to our problems
give a little every day, we will save it for you.

Turn in your gold, “they said”, no longer can you own it
let your leaders have control, they know better how to use it.

Buy more, “they said”, even if you cannot pay it
have it all today, worry about the bills tomorrow.

Spend more, “they said”, it makes your country stronger
live as if you own the world, keep it all in storage.

Go to war, “they said”, declare a fight on terror
and in the end, they spent your children’s future.

We owe our souls to the company store, just as they planned it
like the Romans of long ago, they simply made better entertainment.

Saddest, in all the circles turning, they never once learned the lessons
that he who has the least has the only peace, and freedom!