Kerry Williams

Kerry, who served in Vietnam, is one of the original Australian Huey Crewmen


Do not stand at my grave, and weep for me
I am not there, for I do not sleep you see
I am the thousands of choppers that fly
I am the roar of the wind on high
I am the rush of a Huey in ground level flight
I am the beacons that shine in the night
I am the door of jet fuel and the starters whine
I am the skid squeal on landing that was mine
I am the stars that shine in the night
I am the sun that you see at first light
I am the jewelled glints on rime covered rotary wings
Think of me kindly for I am all these things
At my graveside, you should not have cried
For as long as choppers fly, I have not died.

Bushranger: 9 Sqn RAAF - Vientam 1969
Bushranger Gunship: 9 Squadron, Roayal Australian Air Force = Wivetnam 1969