Freddy A. Williams


As I set on this cold rainy night and reflect on the past years
of the present fears, I weep with bitter tears.
I think of my brothers so long gone,
Then I think of my brothers with no home.
I look at the life I have lived,
And think of the life so many have give.

I have never done anything to deserve all the pleasures I have known.
But I have brothers out there who so richly deserve a home.
There must be a way to reach those who my country owes.
I must find a way, because those who gave their life I cannot repay.

All who read this say a prayer
That the misery and despair
of our brothers and sisters will vanish into thin air.
They will find a warm shelter with food to spare.

Weep with bitter tears,
for a country that now has deaf ears.
I love my country and don’t get me wrong;
I have and will fight for her to keep her strong.

But the politicians who turn there back
on our brothers and sisters I have no respect.
I will help any and all I can,
so our younger generation will understand,
that the old soldier in the alley needs a helping hand.

Don’t pass him by, salute him and ask if you can help.
At least pray and weep with bitter tears.