Freddy A. Williams


I have mixed motions as I sit here
letting my mind wander,
Of the brave young men and women
whose life I pray is not squandered…
I see the protesters on the TV news,
Words of doubt and fear they do spew…
Having no conception of what
“let freedom ring” means,
Not seeing or caring of the blood under their feet,
which allows them to scream….
Blood from our Brothers and Sisters
who loved a nation,
They spilled their blood so these fools
could voice their opposition…
The God over all allows it to rain
on the just as well as the unjust,
In times like these in Him
I can only trust…
I am old and gray, but to my Lord I pray,
Protect our young Warriors
on this and every day…
Let the protesters see the folly and danger
of their misguided reason,
For under the sun all things
have there season…
May they fall on bended knees and pray
that they too may see
The blood on which they trample
is what keeps them free…