Freddy A. Williams


The wind howls across the desert, whipping the sands of time –
Obscuring the eyes, and boggling the mind.

I watch our brave Brothers and Sisters,
as they rush headlong into the blowing sand.
Standing upright, marching ahead, weapons ready,
never knowing where the enemy will make a stand.

Rice paddies, jungle, humidity, rain and heat;
All of these had there own enemy to defeat.

The sands of time hidden in an obscure dimension, monsoon rain:
The same sands that now blow causing so much pain.

The sand is red from blood spilled, dating back to Cain and Abel;
Throughout history the sands blow, this is no fable.

Good and Evil! Their fierce battle raging,
from the beginning of time, and all throughout the ages.

History is written,
not as a story in books, or chapters,
but on the pages.

Good and Evil, male or female, young or old,
through history the future unfolds.

War and death, battle in the air, on the land, or upon the sea,
Fought by the young men and women so loved by you and me.
Their courage and devotion, pride and glory, keep men free,

Their love of an idea… a notion:
spoken declarations that set things in motion.

It’s the sand of time that covers a soul,
obscures the brightness of a life
Taking them from us in this new strife.

If this old world continues to stand,
Many more lives will be lost in the sand.