Freddy A. Williams


My eyes have seen the light of many a day,
My eyes have seen the dark nights in which I pray.
My eyes, I have been told, are the windows to my soul.

They are sky blue for the air force to fly in;
They are deep blue for the navy to sail in.
They are mild blue for the marines to march in;
They are pale blue for the army to charge in.
They are truly blue for all the solders who died in them;
They are a happy blue for all the ones who came home.

My eyes have seen the beauty of a firefight at night;
My eyes have seen the tragedy of the day after the firefight at the destruction.
My eyes have seen the baby blue sky as solders glide through it on the way to earth,
My eyes have seem many great, sad, happy, forlorn things since birth.

If they are the windows to my soul,
I must carry on; I must be bold.
For these old eyes guide me through the day,
They are getting weak, some of the twinkle lost along the way.
They have cried, they have laughed,
they have turned red from anger;
they have been blue because they are sad.

But that is really not that bad.

My soul is happy because it has lived and watched the world through my eyes.