Freddy A. Williams


It is a Bridge on a movie, or in a commercial, on a painting. I have never been there but I know it, have flown under it, and can remember the weather, the time, the color of it.

It is a scope of woods, a village, a mountain, or a mountain pass, a tree line, a river, a dirt road. What ever it is, it is exactly the same; only from whence does it come to my mind?

Sure I have traveled a lot but not to that place. Or have I, and in which life? I don’t believe in reincarnation so where is it hiding and how did it get there?

My mind is a refuse of black and white, red and green, all mixed up, making me scream. A silent scream of emotions all wanting out, but for a long time I have kept them all trapped. If I open the gate, will it be a way of escape? Will they all rush out in one big flood? Or will I have to pry them out, one by one. As each one comes loose, my mind will untangle. Will I then be able to solve this puzzle?

How do I know?