Freddy A. Williams


Another Soul has left this earthly temple;
Life is grand but never simple.
Our heart yearns for the missing part of us,
But we know always “In God We Trust”.

As this Soul wings his way to Heaven,
We must remember he served his time in hell, now the joys of heaven.
There must be a special place for our love ones who are taken so soon,
I don’t know where Heaven is, some where in the stars far above the moon.

Life is precious and our loved ones so grand,
Now we can look up at the brightly lit star where they gather and stand.
Watching over us until it our turn to join them,
We too, will mix and mingle with the stars to blend,

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
Knows another warrior has paid the price.
He was waiting with Heavens gates opened wide,
As our Brother winged his way upward to heaven, he did glide.
He will stand guard over his love ones left here on earth,
Until it is their time to enjoy heavens treasures, once again be filled with mirth.