Freddy A. Williams


We all know a Friend is someone who is not taken in by sham,
A friend knows your faults but doesn’t give a damn.
We have brothers and sisters that are born from our parents,
Then we have brothers and sisters that are born in trials and tribulation.

The bloodline may not be ours,
But the blood let covers us like showers.
We are bound by a twist of fate;
cruel as it is it is great.

People you never knew will welcome you in,
when the door is slammed shut by your kin.
They will lift your spirit and help lift your burden
it seems like there is no end;
they will go twice as far as your next of kin.

When you are down and think you are out,
take just a moment and look about.
You will see stars, clouds and trees,
while you are down on your knees,
you will see a rainbow of all these;
they are red, yellow black and white,
all of them aware of your plight.

They are your brother, sisters, and friends,
whose love for you knows and shows no end.