William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Wad du yee say lad? Wad du yee know?
Dat’s an Irish expression used long long ago
‘Twas most often used when two friends would meet
a hearty handshake, and a hug in the street

My grandpa McCaffrey once lived in Dunrobin
and he had two auld harses named Erin and Dobin
Sure dey did liddle work from Friday to Monday
but dey pulled an auld sleigh to church every Sunday

A glide through the snow behind tinkle of bells
battered buffalo robes and fleshy horse smells
bundled up warm in heavy wool garb
I sat in dat sleigh between Poppa and Marg

I was but three den perhaps I was four?
My mom worked in town and my dad was at war
Michael John Dolan and Paddy and May
dey are all gone now and so is dat sleigh

And it’s hard to believe dat it’s been 60 years
of happiness, heartache, laughter and tears
since Grandpa McCaffrey whispered real low:
Wad du yee say lad? Wad du yee know!