William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Some veterans sleep rough out on the mean street:
It’s down to the soup kitchens they stagger to eat.
Welfare cheque Wednesday, has come and is gone:
Getting high from the booze, a main drug they are on.

Some are released on return from Afghanistan’s war.
Some were let go, from the Peace Missions before.
Bosnia and Rwanda and other mean places like that,
They are living unstable with bad dreams of combat.

If you know of a Veteran buddy who is living out there,
Report your complaint to VAC, show that you really care.
My friend Bobby Collins just helped a suffering old vet.
Dave Munro, runs a homeless shelter, lest we forget.

Ease up laying blame – yes the paperwork’s incomplete.
But we don’t need our veterans living out on the street.
There are lots of faults with the Insurance Co Mentality.
Veterans sleeping on the Mean Street are a daily reality.

Winter is coming and soon the cold winds they will blow.
Some of our veterans will die, sleeping out on the snow.
Help get veterans into shelters away from frostbite pain.
Go to VAC’s local office – you have the right to complain.

“Caged Street Sleeper (Jimmie Shelter)”: Photo ©Copyright 2011 by John-Ward Leighton
“Caged Street Sleeper (Jimmie Shelter)”: Photo ©Copyright 2011 by John-Ward Leighton

Author’s Note: The photograph, “Caged Street Sleeper (Jimmie Shelter)” is by John Leighton, ex-AIRBORNE Soldier, Award Winning Canadian Poet, and Well known/famous Vancouver DTLES GT photographer. (Okay you non left-coasters and easterners it’s: DOWN TOWN LOWER EAST SIDE (GAS TOWN))

Note to file: If DND does not try harder to catch the OSI wounded when they return and or if the lump sums disappear from the pockets of our veterans under the NVC – then we will continue to have the Responsibility and this tremendous Burdon, the sadness, and the sorrow that reports of the reality of Canadian veterans living and dying on the mean streets of Canadian cities. The municipalities of Canada will foot the bill for welfare cheques and medical costs, and in reality there will be absolutely no real savings, as the Insurance Company will be free from their responsibilities, the Mandarins will have savings on their records and use that to justify their million dollar bonus cheques and the Canadian Provincial and Municipal governments will be left with this Federal financial Burdon – passing the buck and robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Just one old soldier’s opinion for whatever that is worth? Woops, sorry for complaining.
Peter, I mean – Billy