William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


If your employment pay packet isn’t up to par
And you’d enjoy becoming a media star;
If you whisper to Akbar Ali, down at the bazaar
Then you could get rich quick like Maher Arar!

Going back to Syria to L’Hotel de crowbar
Not being Moslem you’d drink a jar at the bar?
Or be whisked into a plane at a top secret hangar
To a place o’er in Syria, from Canada, afar!

Mahar didn’t buy tickets on the 649
But he won the big pot in a move so divine!
He sued the Infidels and now he’s doing real fine!
So says the media on the talk show grape vine.

The Americans won’t allow him to fly o’er their land?
Syria awaits their baksheesh, with a big open hand!
So Maher, he is trapped here in our land of the maple leaf
With only 10 and a half million dollars to help soothe his grief!

It’s the best get rich quick scheme that Frank Mag’s ever seen;
They picture Mahar wearing a crown like our Queen.
Writing a book about the RCMP/CSIS Is it now a go?
Arar can rest on his laurels with all that taxpayer’s dough!

Author’s Note: Canada, are we a great, noble and generous Country or what? Is Maher Arar really laughing all the way to the bank? Even our very own infidel newly discovered not guilty prisoners who spend years and years and years in prison here aren’t awarded 10 and a half million dollars!

Eleven months in a Syrian jail is nearly a million a month! Strange as it seems the 649 large Jackpot winners sometimes do get over 10 million dollars – Go Figure! If the powers that be give me 10 and a half million dollars for the HIV and AIDS Orphans in Africa, I will volunteer to spend 11 months in a Syrian Jail – I could afford to lose a few pounds and the penance would be good for my Infidel soul.