William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A middle aged lady she worked for the Red Cross
At the Kyrenia Orphanage, she was the boss
She had the UN soldiers searching the hills
Near villages where the people were killed

The wee guys were easy they stayed near their homes
Not far from the village they’d venture to roam
The 10 year old kids saw their Mom and Dad’s die
Away up the hill the patrols heard them cry

The CQ left out hard rations and candy and pop
Until most of the children near the village were caught
That Red Cross lady had three rows of ribbons on her chest
Running an orphanage was what she did best

Many years later I watched the TV night news
Beirut refugee children were lined up by twos
There was that lady that I knew from before
She was still guarding the Children of war!

  • CQ: Company Quartermaster
  • UN: United Nations
  • Ribbons: worn on the Red Cross Uniform from many wars

Author’s Note: I remember saying to my wife, “Hey Lynne Look! I know that old lady – she now has four rows of ribbons on her Red Cross uniform – she’s still as crabby as ever but she gets the job done.” She was too busy to talk to the CBC reporters who she captured to help set up her marquee tent. The cameraman continued to photograph the scene of his buddies (the reporters) holding the tent skirts whilst the Red Cross lady yelled at the children to stay close, hold hands and not wander off – all this on the news with the sound of gunfire in the background. After all those years she was still on the job watching over the children of war. Another unsung hero…

Submitted for the March 2004 IWVPA Club theme Project, “Children