William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


They led us like sheep and we baa baa baa’d in the fold
whilst the wolf spread his rabies, they made the gold
Allegorical references to the Government that we know
the defoliants stuck to the brush, and the mud and snow
It took a few years for the majority to get sick
Those blood diseases and cancers don’t come on quick
It’s Top Secret It’s Top Secret do not talk about it
or those powers that be will put you all in deep shit!
Gloria, she never signed the official secrets act pact
So her words at first ignored, soon came out on track
She spread the word to the world and the leadership knew
They would have to admit the truth before she was through
Our Canadian soldiers they were the least of these
Suffering and dying from cancers and blood disease

Author’s Note: A response to the following comment made by John-Ward Leighton after reading the poem, “Gloria’s Gone to Glory” – ©Copyright November 11, 2008 by William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Yo Billy,

There was nothing unknowing about it; corporate Canada benefited mightily providing arms and ammunition for the cause. The politicians as two faced as they are talked out of both sides of their faces about the Vietnam War and the public, the Canadian public, went along.

John-Ward Leighton: November 12, 2008

On 12-Nov-08, at 6:12 AM, Billy Willbond wrote:

Thanks John – Canada unknowingly participated in the Vietnam war in Camp Gagetown and some words sometimes just need to be said – Gloria said them. The spraying of agent orange was TOP SECRET and our victim Canadian soldiers, died horrible painful deaths – some are still suffering –some are still dying. They, at the very least, deserve compensation and an apology from the Nation.

Lest we forget
Billy: November 12, 2008