William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The clock is still ticking it now five to midnight or noon.
The terrorists have nuke weapons – will it all end soon?
North Korea is starving but their dictator is half nuts.
To stop his threats to stability – do we have the guts?

Iran’s dictator is a fanatic; he is always in the news
Where he rants and he raves about killing the Jews.
He has missiles and bombs and soon he’ll have nukes.
Will Obama’s sanctions really help, or is just a rebuke?

There are Islamic madmen on the loose all over Pakistan.
Pakistan has nuke weapons – that’s hard to understand.
The CIA gave them many weapons to fight the USSR
Who were fighting in Afghanistan in a long Russian war.

So the clock is still ticking and the time is moving close.
If humanity blows themselves up – will we all make last post?
How do we get the mad men to give up their nuke power?
We gotta do something – because we are in the last hour!

Author’s Note: Inspired by Hagar Cartoon from Times Colonist (reproduced below)