William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I once studied the Chinese Language down at Carleton U
Some American Army Draft Dodgers, studied Chinese too
After work I wore my Canadian uniform to School
Their spitting and remarks made me feel like a fool

They called me a baby killer – and when I asked why?
They said I represented the massacre at My Lai?
I told them my ribbons were for peace and for service
Their spitting and threats made me feel a bit nervous!

They called me Lieutenant Calley, and I asked who is he?
I told them I was a Sergeant; did Lt Calley look like me?
Canada, I said, was the real true North strong and free
allowing traitors and deserters to attend school here with me!

I then started to carry a suitcase, and I changed in the heads
Removed BD and my beret and put on civvies instead
Ignoring them I studied hard, spoken and written Chinese
Many dropped out by Christmas, and for that, I was pleased

The dodgers’ Canadian girlfriends, they were the worst!
Their sneers and their spitting and their verbal outbursts
As a Canadian Soldier, I endured each taunt and each yell
as they dropped out of class I wished each of them well!

These Liberal university students with the anti Military bias
That entered the Ottawa workforce and continued to defy us
They downsized our Army and stopped buying supplies
Until the Blue Jays covered arena would seat all of our guys!

My Lai Massacre
My Lai Massacre

Author’s Note: This poem tells of a couple of weeks at Carleton University until I got smart enough to change into my civilian clothes in the washroom after I left my office at the Development of Integrated Logistics at Tunney’s Pasture and made my way to the campus for the 1900 hr classes in first year Chinese. The taunts and jibes ceased after I removed my battle dress jacket, and folded in neatly and placed into a suitcase with my putties, weights, tie and beret and I pulled on a sweater making the disguise complete.

I commenced to ignore them, completely applying myself to the learning of the dialogues and vocabulary and work on the practice of pronunciation of the Chinese Language. It was a hurtful experience, but this is a free country we have freedom of speech and people are permitted to express themselves openly and without fear.

The young (possibly FLQ) ladies, who were learning English and Chinese and were boyfriends to a couple of the draft dodgers, were the worst offenders with the jibes and the innuendo “baby killer” scenario.

I looked up the attached picture in an old Time Magazine and it tells the tale – sure gave soldiers and soldiering a bad name – felt bad that it was applied to all soldiers everywhere – to kill women and children is and was an unspeakable thing, and I can see why the students would have a distain for soldiers.

With the premise that the empty casings don’t fall too far from the gun, I feel that present day terrorists in Afghanistan that killed two of our lads yesterday and wiped out a herd of camels and killed and injured women and children are in the same league and on par with the William Calleys of the world. Just one old soldier’s opinion for whatever that is worth?