William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We’ve seem your tears shed freely upon the T.V.
For our Patricia’s who died for Afghani Liberty.
We saw you rage when our flag was stomped.
Observing joy at winning of our pucks so prompt.

Your uniforms are colourful especially your ties.
You are the best dressed of all the CTV guys!
We love your top hats with the red maple leaf.
And your genuine sorrow after each KIA grief.

It is an honour for us all to welcome Pte Cherry.
Handling verbal bayonet drills of butt and parry.
Hockey night in Canada, it is really your domain.
You honour our fallen-tears flow without shame.

Welcome aboard Don, you’re a proud Piklee man.
Learn the Rick-a-dam doon as quick as you can.
Private Don Cherry’s now in the Regimental Clan.
Hear the Regimental pipers and the PPCLI band!

PPCLI WOs & Snr NCOs Club (Retired)
PPCLI WOs & Snr NCOs Club (Retired)

Piklee Info Bulletin 16 September 2009 Volume 7 Number 57
Website: www.pikleepost.com
E-mail: piklee@shaw.ca
Tele: (250) 478-3757


Ed’s note: Don, will no doubt soon have a new blazer (Red, Gold & Royal Blue) to match his Regimental Tie.

BACKGROUND: Members of our Regiment are grouped into four categories: serving members; retired members; titular members; and honorary members. An honorary member is defined in Paragraph 5, Article 120, Chapter 1 of the Regimental Manual, as follows: Honorary Patricia. From time to time, certain citizens who have displayed long-standing and unsolicited support of the Regiment may be honoured by receiving invitations to become life members of the Regiment. These members shall be referred to as Honorary Patricias. This honour will be bestowed only in exceptional circumstances and after the recommendation of the Regimental Executive Committee, the concurrence of the Regimental Guard and the approval of the Colonel of the Regiment in consultation with the Colonel in Chief. A record of honorary members will be maintained in the Regimental Manual, Annex D to Chapter

GENERAL: On behalf of the Colonel of the Regiment, Brigadier General (Ret’d) Gollner, it is my distinct pleasure to announce Mr. Don Cherry’s appointment as an Honorary Patricia. Formal public broadcast of this appointment will be made at a later date to be confirmed. I politely request that you disseminate the following message from the Colonel of the Regiment to your respective Patricias:


Our soldiers have often said that Don Cherry should be a Patricia. They admire and respect Don Cherry’s unabashed pride of being a Canadian, his unstinting public support of the Canadian Forces, especially since the beginning of the Afghan campaign, and his recognition of the families of Canadian Forces members. They like his unmatched hockey knowledge too. They feel that Don Cherry shares many common values with us and as such is worthy of being a Patricia.

Earlier this year acting on our soldier’s behalf I asked our Regiment’s Commanding Officers to discreetly poll their units to see if the proposal to make Don Cherry an Honorary Patricia was widely held. Additionally, senior members of the Regiment and our Association advice were sought. Across the family the results were clear; make Don Cherry an Honorary Patricia. I asked Don and he agreed to join our Regimental family. We are all pleased and proud of having him as a member of our Regimental family and look forward to welcoming him into our family.

ALTJ.E.L. Gollner
Brigadier General (Ret’d)
Colonel of the Regiment
Any queries may be directed to the sender.

J.M. Bird
Regimental Major
Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
Regimental Headquarters

Ed Hansen
National President
PPCLI WOs & Snr NCOs Club (Retired)
2209 Aldeane Ave
Victoria, BC V9B 2C6


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