William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


My buddy Bobby Collins suffers from PTSD
He met Tony Pahl at the Legion with me
A couple of old guys who had fought the Cong
Their stories are vivid and their memories are long

They both had both suffered and both of them bled
Many Nam comrades they too are now dead
Bobby got a bronze star and a purple heart
He is an old soldier who still does his part

He works for the Legion and for our Victoria VAC
Helping to get pensions for old veterans like me
When Tony met Bobby he welcomed him home
They both drank a toast with mugs of beer foam

Tony suffers inside with his thoughts and his fears
Back pats and bear hugs erased those long years
I don’t think it’s unmanly, no matter how it appears
As those two left the Legion their eyes filled with tears

Bobby Collins and Tony Pahl: January 2008
Bobby Collins (right) and Tony Pahl meet in Vancouver ~ January 2008

From: Bob Collins [email address withheld]
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 9:03 AM
To: billy willbond

God Bless you Billy it brought tears again to my eyes. This poem I will cherish the rest of my life, as time came back again. GOD BLESS YOU MY GOOD FRIEND.



Robert Collins
Saanichton, British Columbia

Mr. Collins is a Canadian Forces Veteran. Since retirement, he has served with the Corps of Commissionaires. Mr. Collins is a member of The Royal Canadian Legion and has been service officer as well as chairman of the Poppy Fund. Mr. Collins is president of the Mark Isfled Memorial Chapter of the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping (CAVUNP). He attends all parades and is a liaison advisor on peacekeeping and Veteran issues with local media. Mr. Collins is the Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) representative of his association in Victoria. He routinely organizes visits to Veterans in hospital. He collects wheelchairs and medical supplies for the International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering, a peacekeeping charity. He assists VAC in Victoria with the set up and taking down of their annual Candlelight Ceremony. During Veterans’ Week, he speaks to students about the accomplishments of Canadian peacekeepers. To honour his comrades, Mr. Collins is responsible for ordering bronze peacekeeping plaques for local cenotaphs.

Robert Collins
Saanichton, Colombie-Britannique

M. Collins est un vétéran retraité des Forces canadiennes. Depuis qu’il est a la retraite, il fait partie du Corps des commissionnaires. M. Collins est membre de la Légion royale canadienne. II y a notamment servi en tant qu’agent d’entraide et président du Fonds du Coquelicot. M. Collins est le Président du Mark lsfled Memorial Chapter de (‘Association Canadienne des Vétérans des Forces de Paix des Nations Unies (ACVFPNA). II assiste a tous les défiles et agit en tant que conseiller en liaison avec les médias locaux, a regard des questions relatives au maintien de la paix et aux vétérans. M. Collins est en outre le représentant d’Anciens Combattants Canada (ACC) pour son association, a Victoria. II organise régulièrement des visites dans des hôpitaux où résident des anciens combattants et des vétérans. II recueille en outre des fauteuils roulants et des fournitures médicats pour la communauté Internationale au nom de Relief of Starvation and Suffering, une organisation caritative pour le maintien de la paix. II aide aussi ACC, a Victoria, lorsqu’il faut préparer et défaire les installations pour la cérémonie à la chandelle annuelle. Pendant la Semaine des anciens combattants, il prend la parole devant des élèves pour les sensibiliser à l’égard des réalisations des Casques bleus canadiens. M. Collins est en outre responsable de commander des plaques de bronze commémoratives pour le maintien de la paix, qui sont installées sur des cénotaphes locaux en hommage à ses camarades.