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A new Canadian Citizen, Aboufsian’s on the UN no fly list!
His passport is cancelled because the end date he missed!
He has to stay in the Sudan – that was his former home.
No longer allowed to freely travel and around the world roam.

Two French and Canadian Aide Workers are taken hostage in Darfur.
Sudanese help in the search in this their Janjeweeb genocide war?
Is Al-Qaeda still a CSIS danger to Canada and then what do you bet?
Islamist extremists are our most lethal national security threat?

We are over there to kill the Taliban who harbour Al-Qaeda in the fight?
Susan Riley says we have failed in our attempt to protect woman’s rights?
A Canadian terrorist citizen from Turkey stole a small plane.
He flew south of the US Canada border and lost his 72 virgins, all in vain?

Omar Khadr’s lawyer fortunately just got his defence job back!
Protecting a Canadian Terrorist involved in a hand grenade attack?
It was a yesterday surprise move by Colonel Patrick Parrish in fact.
Are Canadian’s pleased Omar’ll return now his defence’s again on track?

Author’s Note: This poem was inspired by the Times Colonist articles of April 7, 2009, reproduced below:


KHARTOUM — The Cana¬dian government is work¬ing with Sudanese authori¬ties to free two French and Canadian aid workers who were kidnapped in the war-torn region of Darfur. Foreign Affairs would not identify the women, citing privacy concerns. The two women were abducted on Saturday night. — AFP


Canwest News Service

OTTAWA — Al-Qaeda and its Canadian followers are as lethal as ever and plotting against us, says Canada’s top spymaster.

In the latest annual report from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, its director, Jim Judd, warns that more than seven years after 9/11, “to become complacent or to spread a belief that Canada is immune from such threats could potentially have a tragic, devastating outcome.”

Islamist extremists remain the primary national security threat, especially home-grown cells, such as the alleged Toronto terror group arrested in 2006, says the new report, just tabled in Parliament.

“Home-grown cells will continue to develop and… attacks using a variety of tools, from firearms to explosives, will be planned in the hopes of executing such attacks within Canada,” it says.

As in previous CSIS reports, the agency is concerned about the speed with which Canadians can be indoctrinated with al Qaeda’s virulent anti-Western ideology.

It also raises a new concern: The radicalization process appears to be targeting much younger supporters.

No examples are offered, but security officials in Britain say al-Qaeda recruits teenagers there as young as 15 and that other “self-radicalizing kids” have become more of a threat than professional terrorist operatives from overseas.

Canada’s combat role in Afghanistan, our oil industry and relationship, proximity and access to the U.S. heightens the risk.

Re: “Another reason to abandon Afghanistan,” opinion, April 5.

Susan Riley is quite correct in her opinion that Canada’s next move should be out of Afghanistan.

George W. Bush persuaded Stephen Harper to join the U.S. in its “war on terror.” The mandate did not include proselytizing, nation building, human rights and the war on drugs, issues that Canada and NATO are now being asked to deal with.

Afghanistan was, and is, seen to be a safe haven for al-Qaeda. The Taliban, former allies of the U.S., as far as is known, have not committed any terrorist acts in the West, but have been assessed as guilty by association with al-Qaeda. As a result, we are now fighting the Taliban and are endeavouring to expand our sphere of influence into Western Pakistan.

Our adventure in Afghanistan has expanded well beyond the original mandate, and this is wrong. It is past time to leave.

Allan Winks

Re: “Another reason to abandon Afghanistan,” opinion, April 5.

Susan Riley’s article on Afghanistan is typical of an opinion columnist who has a political bias. She takes a false premise and builds an article around it to suit her own opinion.

We never went to Afghanistan to improve the lives of women or to change their system of government. We went there to get the Taliban out because they were harbouring al-Qaeda, which in turn was launching terrorist attacks on the West. It was a NATO mission approved by the UN.

What is so interesting about Riley’s piece is she never once mentions the fact that the latest darling of the left, U.S. President Barack Obama, made this crystal clear in his mission speech, in which he said: “Let me make this quite clear. We are in Afghanistan for one reason and one reason only, to defeat al-Qaeda.” He also went on to say it is not their intention to dictate how the Afghans decide on their type of governance or what it should be.

Clearly, the only purpose of building up the country’s police and army is not to bring our kind of rights and freedoms to it, but merely to keep the Taliban and al-Qaeda from recreating the problem.

Charles Reid


OTTAWA — The federal government yesterday refused to supply an emergency passport to a Canadian citizen who has been stranded in Sudan since he travelled there to visit his ailing mother in 2002. In a letter to Abousfian Abdelrazik’s lawyer, a Justice Department official said his request for an emergency passport was rejected. Abdelrazik has been trapped in the African country after his name appeared on a United Nations no-fly list. —CNS


NEW YORK — In a surprise move, a military judge yesterday overruled the Pentagon in its firing of Omar Khadr’s military lawyer, saying only he has the authority to dismiss the defence attorney, Canwest News Service has learned. The decision by Judge Patrick Parrish, an army colonel, effectively reinstates navy Lt. – Cmdr. Bill Keubler as chief counsel for the Canadian terror suspect just days after the attorney’s immediate boss fired him. — CNS