William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


You slept on the ground and you ate from a can
You tried to keep peace in a far foreign land
Some of your buddies are buried o’er there
Now the 9th day of August is a day of sad prayer

You served your Country, you served the Corps
A peacekeeping soldier, you’ve been to war
You walked on patrol and you carried a pack
Nightmarish dreams, they keep coming back

The screams of the wounded, the results of each war
Clutter your thoughts till you can’t think no more
Some guys who you served with, they will understand
The survivor guilt trauma of an Infantryman

We see on your jacket, there’s a huge UN crest
Below all your medals there pinned on your chest
We Canadians appreciate all the things you have done
And the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988 you have won

May God in his mercy keep a watch over you
As you march by the cenotaph with flags UN blue
This November the 11th on all veterans’ day
prayers are being said for all dead blue berets

We have seen the new veterans, who marched by today
They marched with the WW2 vets and with the KVA
And last week from Kabul two new veterans flew home
Their firing party burials ended this poem………………

Billy Willbond: We Have Seen the New Veterans