William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Hosehead Bin Laughin and Soddom Insane,
what did they prosper and what did they gain?
There’s twenty five million on each turbined head
for the turn in of their bodies, both alive or both dead.

Old Soddom is hiding, that thief of Baghdad,
his capture or demise would make everyone glad;
and Hosehead Bin Laughin is a coward, half mad;
his capture or demise would make nobody sad.

Each night I ask Allah to forgive all their sins,
for the thefts and the murders and the blood on their hands.
I pray for their capture and their trip to The Hague
before the world court, their sins all displayed.

Nerve-gassing poor people; crashing planes in New York
by this couple of madmen who don’t eat no pork:
Sneaky cowards who hide and who keep on the run;
they will pay for the day that they picked up the gun.

Hey! Arabian Mafia, here’s some hints worthwhile taking;
Turn in these guys – get paid for peace making.
Get witness protection, and pick up your pay;
with your new ID spend it in the U.S. of A.