William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


They’ve listed the name of my friend P.J. Hoare
Staff Marquis from the Congo and 120 more
With the addition of Afghanistan’s new sixty six
The wall for our soldier’s is filling up quick!

Colonel Ethell he served on 14 different tours
He has seen his fair share of hot fighting wars
Trading bodies of soldiers who fought on both sides
Taking care of the wounded and those who had died!

UN PK support ops mission casualties too
listed there with the names of each Kandahar Crew
We’ll take up a collection to add space to the wall
For these brave young soldiers who died for us all!

War Memorial Filling Up Fast
War Memorial Filling Up Fast: Retired Colonel Don Ethell views the names of fallen Canadian soldiers on the memorial wall at Peacekeepers’ Park in Calgary. The military mission is Afghanistan has been so deadly that the three-year-old memorial honouring Canadian Peacekeepers is already running out of rooms for names. Stuart Gradon/CNS