William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(Before any Judgement is passed)

Are the members sitting in judgement on the panel combat infantry trained?
Have they crawled through the deep mud when it stormed and it rained?
Have they had to patrol and kill the enemy up and down the Afghan front line?
Or are they just desk-jockey legal officers drinking officers’ mess wine?

How many on the panel have ever been under enemy fire?
How many have seen their platoon solders wounded or expire?
Captain Robert Semrau is a Canadian Soldier who did a good thing.
He performed a mercy killing and for that he will likely swing?

The heavy hitters on the panel are worried about being politically correct.
What will the civvies think? Will our sentence of Semrau, be really suspect?
So they’ll hang Captain Bobby as his career swings by the neck.
We will have lost a good soldier and the system will have lost our respect.