William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


One could hear fighter aircraft engines roar up in the clear air.
The aircraft dog fighting above gave nearly everyone a scare.
Dad hauled ammo and rats through the deep mud in the rain.
The SS troops they stood fast, their last stands were insane.

In June on the beach Dad was still with the GGFG in the war.
Germans were strafing the sand as the troops came ashore.
Everyone turned upwards and let loose with their Brens.
Crashing into the water, the German pilot met his end.

In Belgium and Holland the children starved in the street.
Dad tossed them hardtack biscuits as a starvation treat.
He never spoke of the war but the sorrow was there.
We saw the wounds on his head with his receding hair.

He told his grand children about what he had done.
About tossing boxes of biscuits to the starving ones.
About being wounded three times up at the front line.
Hauling POL to the front, ‘twas a very dangerous time.

Billy Willbond: Waiting To Unload
After dad was wounded the 3rd time he became a driver and was transferred from the Guards to the RCASC – the photograph shows dad with his foot on the running board of a truck filled with rations and or ammo for the front line. There were many SERVICE Corps Drivers from the Cree Nation who dad said drove these trucks from the beachhead to the front line when he joined their ranks. The line of the convoy extends out of sight to the rear from where the picture was taken.