William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Les, when all this is said and done,
the pension for those who carried a gun
won’t be too much, and you can just bet
an election’s called in this year of the vet?

I’ve got sore knees from jumping from planes
my back it aches, I have lots of pains
my ears are shot, I can not hear
I’ll get new glasses again this year

So thank you Les for sending the charter
is it really just a serious vote getting barter?
Or are they serious about what they’ll do
for broken down old vets like me and you?

Author’s Note: A response to the email from Les Peate dated April 21, 2005

Hi Billy

[I’ve] just received my copy of the Veterans Charter from Veterans Affairs Canada. If you like I’ll try and send you a copy.

The politicians have enough
To spend on posters, drugs and stuff
They’ll give out funds unrealistic
For projects that THEY think artistic
But not too much to pay the debts
The politicians owe their vets!!