William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The VAC they have a VIP plan
So I’ll try to get listed if I can?
My knees are sore my ankles are weak
My heart is enlarged and I can’t sleep

I was very fit and I could really run
When I joined the Army when I was young
With a huge heavy pack I marched for miles
Now I am old and sick and have bleeding piles

I jumped from airplanes up in the sky
I tore my ligaments and hurt my thigh
My hip is sore my knees both ache
I hope my application isn’t too late?

I got torn ligaments in nineteen sixty nine
Up to that point I was healthy and fine
My heart became enlarged from all the road runs
Shortness of breath and chest pain’s no fun

I can’t stand on the ladder to clean the gutters
And under my breath I swear and I mutter
I can’t walk too far to cut the long grass
So I got to sit down and rest my old ass

Now I’m off to the Doctor to fill in each form
For the VAC routine. I guess this is norm?
Great letters of support from some great old guys
They all told the truth, no one would tell lies?

The letters say Willbond he used to be super
Back in his days as a young parachute trooper
Now he is old, with a VAC bone of dissention
He hopes and he prays for his VIP pension?