William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Rifleman Andy Aak, he was paid first, and Rifleman Zurtch, he was paid last.
Willbond and Widenmaier were just ahead of him on paydays in the past.
Who slept upon the guardroom floor for drinking CC at the gate?
Yes that was me back in the day when I learned not to be late.

Who doubled time drilled upon the square whilst doing Battalion CB?
That was my old buddy Leslie Peate and yes of course it was me.
Who lined up at the Mess Hall with mess tins hand in hand?
‘Twas powdered egg and bangers and bully beef from a can.

We talk about the VRAB and who should judge each wounded vet.
Could this not be some older folk who dodged bullets or flew a jet?
Patronage lawyers from Civvie Street don’t seem to be too fair?
Perhaps that is, just because, they never served o’er there?

The wounded from Afghanistan will soon be marching before the VAC VRAB.
Let us hope kinder chosen folk judge these heroes who kept Afghanistan free.
Stop using their confidential files to belittle the guys who talk the veterans talk.
Cause these are the guys who have been there and they have walked the walk.

Who did patrols, far overseas, who walked across the sands?
Whilst serving of Her Majesty in those far off warring lands.
Who did the fire pickets in the night around the tented lines?
Why that was my buddy Les and me in far off ancient times.

Now Les and me are getting old, and some say we are retired?
But I don’t think that is the case though sometimes I am tired.
I write my poems and do charity work for the children of each war.
And Les he writes a column for the Canadian Esprit de Corps.

This poem was inspired by the poem, “Veteran To Veteran” ~ ©Copyright June 15, 2012 by Les Peate