William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I think I will join the divisive veterans debate
About who’s entitled to the Vet’s Licence Plate
Colonel Jack L. FRAZER certainly is one
You’ll think so too when you hear what he’s done

From a built up area a dud fighter plane he flew
At the risk of his life – it was dangerous, he knew
Away from built up civilian habitation too!
Colonel Jack is a hero. Letter writer are you?

You say only Korean Vets and those of the World Wars
Should be entitled to issue of a Vet Plate Like yours?
Well I beg to differ – don’t think me unkind
But I think you are saddled with a tunnel vision mind?

Lew MacKenzie, Don Ethell, and other berets of blue
Have dodged lots of bullets and mortar bombs too
You know each peacekeeping mission is a separate war
Guys like Ethell served on 14. Did you do more?

Gulf War Vets flew combat missions, the brave and the few
No plates for Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti, Bosnia, Sarajevo too
Are you going to take the Vet Plates from crews of LAV III cars?
Who are dodging the rockets and bombs in Kandahar?

Did you give any thought just to who Canadian Veterans are?
They signed on the line – that made them above par
They willingly served Canada, so let’s end this debate
They’re entitled, to wear proudly, their veterans licence plate!