William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


AIRBORNE retired soldiers are a special group of guys
We meet, and tell our stories, which civvies think are lies?
If they really wanted to get at the realities’ close truth
They’d walk a mile or two, in our combat, jump boots!

We are the survivors – some buddies aren’t on pension
Disbanded by the Libranos it’s still a bone of contention
We left some buddies buried in soldier graves overseas
Sitting round the Legion, we speak reverently of these!

What manner of men wear that maroon beret, you ask?
They are a group of soldiers who complete every task
Jumping from the ramps, or from the C-130’s side door
They bravely served our Canada in both peace and war

Disbanded under a black cloud it still hurts us to-day
Those loyal hard working soldiers they all had to pay
For the sins of a few – our brothers were stood down
Marching proud-heads held high – in Petawawa town!

Today we are memory – a page of Canada’s History
Why they disbanded us, to-day it’s still a mystery?
Jump Company toboggan pullers again venture forth
The AIRBORNE capability it’s needed in our NORTH