William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The camouflaged ACIs[1] hid high amongst the trees
Blackberry thorns scratched my elbows and knees
The umpire he screamed that I again did expire!
As my rifle butt snagged a thunder-flash trip wire

Full-face fibreglass eye-shield, helmet, Jockstrap
Protected the vitals from the pellet shot’s zap!
I was killed ten times over on the fire lanes
The red welts on my body were swollen with pain

Now wary, I cat-crawled forward with quiet and stealth
Then I saw a slight movement on a high tree stand shelf
My shot hit the hidden ACI who yelled out in pain
So I finally completed the quick kill fire lane!

The quick kill patrol course had pain and some strife
Lessons learned, in the future could help save one’s life
Find punji stick boot-traps hidden on the path trail
With the sharpened sticks, that your foot, could impale

Reality training is a Soldier’s Specialty Exercise
It makes soldiers understand the element of surprise
This difficult training shows individuals how to survive
Giving methods and honing skills on how to come home alive!