William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A twenty man Al-Qaeda sleeper cell
Was planning to blow us all to hell
A Toronto landmark, the CN Tower
And the Pickering site of Nuclear Power

‘Twas on their list for the over flight
Millions would die from an oversight
These men all entered on a phoney student pass
And they studied detonators for a nuclear blast

They were all captured by the RCMP
Now Islamic Lawyers work to set them free
I can see it all now, those headline flashes:

Author’s Note: Last week the RCMP arrested 21 suspected sleeper cell Al-Qaeda members in the Toronto area. They lived in unfurnished apartments with only sleeping bags and computers in their dwellings. Practicing to manufacture detonators they set several fires in kitchen areas which forced them to move quickly. One was taking flying lessons which took him over the Nuclear Power Site at Pickering. A couple were captured “out for a walk” in the nuclear power site and the others were picked up – they had the CN Tower (the tallest building in Toronto on their list) Toronto is the Capital city of Ontario and has a huge Islamic immigrant population. The twenty sleeper cell suspects were illegally in Canada on Student Visas. It remains to be seen if they will be released because of our tough human rights laws which the tower and ashes lads and their defence lawyers are already putting into place. As these are poor students from Pakistan and have no money, we taxpayers will pay to have them represented and released as soon as possible. Islamic women with signs were seen on TV this week in front of the PMO demanding their release for false arrest. I ask you are we a free country or what?

My opinion: Turn them all over the Americans for an all expense paid vacation trip to Cuba where they could be introduced to a dose of truth serum and given an opportunity to rat out their sleeper cell cellmates. The repercussions of a nuclear blast so close to the built up heavily populated areas of Southern Ontario would result in the deaths of millions of innocent people. We were lucky this time…………………

Submitted for the September 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Towers and Ashes