William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

The passing of Cpl T.J. Stirling

T.J. Stirling
Cpl T.J. Stirling
Suicide is a touchy and unspoken of subject, that’s a fact.
Why would anyone dare to write a poem about that?
Soldiers who suffer from P.T.S.D. yes they long to be free.
Saying my buddies they were killed. Why wasn’t it me?

Some hide their pain inside and on their MC’s they ride.
They raise monies for AIDS ORPHANS and ICROSS
Through the wonderful work of each CAV Chapter Boss.
But, in 2003, in Afghanistan, young T.J. suffered a loss.

Cpl Beringfinger and Sgt Short in the LLT’s they died.
T.J. was wounded, but by a miracle he had survived.
He carried his pain hidden deep in his heart.
It was too much to carry – he just had to depart.

Let us join with his comrades and have good words to say
About TJ and his family and his friends, as we pray.
Let us hope that other soldiers that suffer this way
Are saved by the OSI[1] system at the end of the day.