William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


French Canadian Royal 22nd Regiment Cap Badge
French Canadian Royal 22nd Regiment

English Canadian Queen’s Own Rifles
English Canadian Queen’s Own Rifles
There are symbols such as Stars and Stripes
and fleur de lis and Scot’s bagpipes
But our Beaver and our Maple Leaf
are the fairest of them all

Worn on the caps of Regiments
Who answer our Country’s call,
By our folks who don the blue beret
who serve in harm’s way, so far away

On foreign soil they maintain control
and keep the peace whilst on patrol
They make me proud, because, you see
CANADIANS hail from the land of the free!

Those cheers we heard, when the Rocket scored
and the Habs got one, we stood and roared!
This is our CANADA, so fair to eye
Our wheat fields wide, a boundless sky

Red leaves on the trees of Gatineau
in the Province I call home
Proudly wave on our CANADIAN flag
no matter where I roam.

Please join with me and let’s all pray
Let’s pray for love and an end to hate
Let’s strengthen our bonds, not separate

God grant us all true harmony
from sea to shining sea
This COUNTRY is the best on earth
and the best is yet to be!

Author’s Note: Both the Beaver and the Maple Leaf represent Canada, but they represent two languages and two distinctive Army regiments, the French Canadian Royal 22nd Regiment and the English Canadian Queen’s Own Rifles. The above are the cap badges of the respective regiments