William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


When I joined the Army I had long red curls.
Like a Biblical Sampson, it helped to attract girls.
The Barber at QOR Depot cut all of the curls off.
That new Yul Brunner look, it was quite a shock.

My curly red hair, it is now snowy white.
The guy in the mirror is now quite a sight.
Red head pee the bed often caused a fight.
One had to toughen up to not take every slight.

The Lakota warriors prized curly red hair –
A colourful scalp top knot to hang in the air.
Yellow haired Custer was a target for them
Along with the Irish, those red headed men.

Billy WillbondBilly Willbond

Billy WillbondBilly Willbond