William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We’ve been told Islamic men are often quite lewd
they treat bare ankles like the woman is nude?
Covering heads and faces of sweating female gender
they blow themselves up as an Islamic defender?

Seventy-Two virgins will be given to each man
who blows himself up in the cause of Islam;
they are killing Canadians o’er in Afghanistan
doing roadside destruction wherever they can

They are burning out the Christians in East Timor
If it weren’t for Australia there would be total war
They are completing genocide in Sudan’s Darfur
committing mass rapes and murders that we deplore

Stoning women to death cause they slept with a man
is their way to force morals on each Islamic clan
We see their path to destruction every day in the news
Blowing up old Buddahs, killing Christians, and Jews!

Nineteen of them participated in trade centre 9-11
collecting their virgins when they got to heaven?
The Moslems of the world they all danced in the street
when they celebrated America’s TV defeat!

The Jew hating president of the Islamic State of Iran
wants ATOMIC weapons for the destruction of man
and the bleeding heart liberals; will they give in to his plan?
Do they tremble and bow down, to the advance of Islam?


Author Unknown

This will betray my age, but I can actually remember the time when I could just go to the airport and walk aboard an airplane. No baggage check, no personal screening, no scanning and x-ray machines. Just on a whim, buy a ticket and jump aboard.

But alas, those were the carefree days of the distant youth. Today, you have to give some thought as to whether you really need to make a trip, especially by air. There is always that awareness that some crazed religious fanatic is going to be aboard and end your life for his particular cause.

In the earliest days of using passenger aircraft for the cause du jour, some hijackers—usually Communists—wanted to go to Cuba. But from the beginning, the most frequent hijackers were Muslims who wanted to draw attention to their cause. It was usually Palestinians who were willing to kill innocent civilians to make a statement about their grievances against Israel.

By the late 1960s, virtually all hijackings of aircraft were done by Muslims. Today, Muslims dominate the threat against commercial aircraft, especially after 9/11 when 19 Muslim hijackers turned three airliners with their passengers into cruise missiles. They attempted to use a fourth aircraft, but were thwarted by some courageous passengers who forfeited their lives to prevent another strike against our Capitol that day.

I am not saying that all Muslims are terrorists. But I am saying that virtually all terrorists today are Muslim. And it is a result of the core teachings of their religious books and the example of Mohammad, who initiated violence to spread his religion.

Three thousand innocent civilians lost their lives on 9/11 to “the Muslim cause.” This was more than were killed in the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. It took a whole air-wing of highly trained pilots to wreak destruction on Pearl Harbor. The Muslims did it with 19 suicidal religious fanatics with three commercial aircraft.

Do you think that these were just an isolated bunch of aberrant fanatics who are trying to hijack Islam? If that is so, then why did at least 30% of the Muslim world dance for joy at “the Muslim victory of the great Satan – the United States”? The majority of the 1.3 billion Muslims in the world see the Judeo-Christian based civilization of the West as their enemy.

What am I saying here? I am seeking to show that the United States is facing the greatest threat to its homeland in history. These people do have access to, and possible possession of, weapons of mass destruction. Our intelligence community says that it is just a matter of time before they will use them on our homeland.

And apart from the incalculable cost of human lives, look at the enormous economic costs these Muslim terrorists have brought upon the West in general and the United States in particular.

It has costs billions and billions of dollars for the security made necessary by these Muslim terrorists since the late 1960s. The impact on the entire economy runs into more billions of dollars because of the disruption of travel and the uncertainty laid on our investment markets.

It is time for the Western Powers to say enough is enough. We need to unite our resources and make every country that promotes and supports these Muslim Fundamentalists pay dearly. If they will not root them out, then we must do it.

Just how important and critical is this? The survival of Western civilization!