William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Take a moment and look on in real awe.
At the great power of, the subs of Aus.
Stop and think and take a short pause.
No enemy should go against our cause.

We are shown awesome power from below.
We watch a great ship; it’s a torpedo show.
The hit amid ships broke the destroyer in two.
This awesome strength protects me and you!

God Bless these Navy Lads who go down in submarines.
They serve Australia and they serve our great Queen.
They help to keep our oceans and our waters free
From any terrorists who might sail upon the seas.


This is the Australian Navy doing a live torpedo practice shot on one of their decommissioned (going to the scrap heap) ships. They used an Mk 48 torpedo developed in the USA. It is non-nuclear and not a contact weapon. It is designed to go off directly underneath the ship at about 50 feet under the keel. The Steam Bubble from the explosion is what breaks the ship’s back.

* Note: The RAN (Royal Australian Navy) Submarine looks like their “Collins Class”.

These subs were designed and constructed in Australia – replacing their aging “British Built – Oberon Class” boats.

The Collins Class is “conventional” (Diesel & Electric) powered, and are similar to the Canadian Navy “Victoria Class” (British Upholder Class) submarines.

When these subs are in good working order they can be very effective, even against the bigger Russian, British and French Atomic (Nuclear) Subs.

The Frigate (target ship) is similar to the old and obsolete British “Leander Class”. These ships are somewhat like the Canadian Navy’s “Mackenzie and early St Laurent Class (prior to these being converted to DDH – capable of operating a Sikorsky Sea King Ant-Submarine Helicopter).