William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


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Lew MacKenzie, Don Ethell, Peacekeeper Bill Porter,
they stood between factions on many’s the border.
When the killing it ceased and the talking it started
they wrote their reports and for home they departed.

On to the next “war” very often they went
and many’s the Christmas and Birthday ‘twas spent
down in a bunker or out on patrol
a’keeping the peace and maintaining control.

‘Twas hard on the family, the children, the wife
the service of peace is a soldier’s hard life.
Bombs, bullets, poor rations, the ground for a bed,
counting the wounded, making note of the dead.

The work that they did, to the world, is quite clear
it went on for decades and for year after year.
Negotiations, cease fires, truce talks and pacts;
always in the middle with no time to relax.

Now they’ve retired and those years are all spent;
they’ll go a’peacekeeping no more.
Our world’s trouble spots are where they often went
and now they are home from the wars.

Lew MacKenzie, Don Ethell, and hero Bill Porter;
we Canadians owe them a great debt;
it’s the Order of Canada for quelling disorder.
Let’s recognize each high profile vet.

Colonel (Rtd) Donald S. Ethell
Colonel (Rtd) Donald S. Ethell
Major General (Rtd) Lewis W. MacKenzie
Major General (Rtd) Lewis Wharton MacKenzie
OC, O Ont, OStJ, MSC(2), CD, PH