William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The calendar pictures, arise up off of the cover, they appear for all to see:
Canadian Forces personnel who bravely represented, both you and me.
They went to build schools and dig wells and to set a people free.
And they made a great difference where there was no guarantee.

The ultimate sacrifice is what our Forces people are prepared to give.
They signed on to give their lives so that others might in freedom live.
Pictures in a calendar, names on the wall of honour, and in the peace tower:
KIAs caused by improvised explosive devices midst clouds of gunpowder.

Their buddies shed tears over those whose lives were too soon spent.
The padres said good book prayers and the pipers played the lament.
They came home to Trenton for the Hero Highway honour ride.
And the breasts of Canadians swelled with sadness and pride.

They Made a Difference: Afghanistan 2992-2009