William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The Walrus and the Eagle were not marching hand in hand
The Eagle he was advised about: “so much vacant land”
In 19 hundred and 68 the Manhattan[•] sailed through our Northern Gate
No permission, was asked or given. There was no debate?

The walrus owned some islands, and no one lived up there
The Walrus had 900 red berets[•], so he dropped them from the air
Manhattan’s crew heard radio calls from all the Walrus men
The walrus proved his ownership, so they never came back again

The Eagle looked North with a jealous eye on gold and diamonds and oil
Do you suppose the Walrus said, our economy you plan to spoil?
I doubt it said the Eagle, and the Walrus sighed with relief
As the eagle smiled, he refused to import, our softwood and our beef!

There are weapons of mass destruction, over there in Iraq
Do you suppose the Eagle said, that we all should attack?
I doubt it said the Walrus and politely shook his head
Let the UN[•] and their expert men, check for them instead

The Walrus lives in a land of peace, a land of love and care
He refused when he was called to arms. He avoided the eagle’s stare
The eagle defeated Saddam Hussein and the terrorists in Iraq
Whenever he sees the Walrus now, the eagle turns his back!!