William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


John asks the hardest questions
he is an old hard thinking man
and his being the devil’s advocate,
that’s all part of John’s overall plan

I guess I am just an old Infanteer
writing bad poems, these many long years
this life, that has been, a valley of tears
caused by my abuse of drinking beers?

Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nevada, Nagasaki
bending low beneath my grade school desk
doing the drills to the sirens screams
were these actions really only in jest?

Tax dollars and pence went to civil defence
that’s the stuff that brought us all up
and their being a commie behind every tree
was preached, till we all got fed up!

Back in my mind are thoughts from that time
they bounce round with the forming of rhyme
and I guess I ain’t right to stand up and fight
the things that might end all mankind?

John’s Questions:

  1. Which nation has enough nuclear weapons to destroy this planet sixteen times over?
  2. Which is the only nation in the world that has used nuclear weapons?
  3. Where are the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
  4. Which nation introduced nuclear power in Iran?
  5. Does the fact that Iran currently has an operating oil industry and large oil reserves have anything to do with the huffing and puffing of the current regime in Washington?
  6. What hard evidence do you have that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon?
  7. Whose nuclear capability is more dangerous to the world, Israel or Iran?
  8. Has the Bush junta ever lied to us before?

Just asking,

John-Ward Leighton: April 28, 2006