William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Back in nineteen hundred and sixty three
I came back from Germany to work R&D[1]:
The Section was run by Sergeant Ethell[2] and me:
Moving LTS[3] with the 1st Battalion’s F&E[4].

1st we did the Officers, WO’s and Senior NCOs.
Calgary LTS from the land of the wild rose[5].
To Dogwood[6] country came the good news.
Delivering the F&E to the work point PMQs[7].

It’s not too often that Corporal Willbond would make
A glaring typo error – two a’s a terrible mistake?
The message was signed by our AAdj[8] Captain Snuffy[9]:
The results made the Rod[10] really very grumpy.

The F&E container landed up in Nanaimo Town
Instead, off to Esquimalt it was up island bound.
The Rod was screaming he jumped up and down:
He called me a turd – my BD[11] was khaki brown?

Staff Hendrick[12] just smiled not saying a thing –
The telephone rested upon his jump wings.
He telephoned transport and spoke to big Buck[13]
A deuce-and-a-half’s[14] available: we were in luck.

Driver Mucker[15] attended the BOR[16] with the truck.
Shakey[17] and the Rat[18] loaded CQ[19] dollies and stuff.
We attended to Nanaimo, which is not too far:
The lads all wanted to stop at the Cassidy bar.

We picked up the F&E and a few six-packs of beer.
The loaders sang songs and were all in good cheer.
At the mess hall I got coffee to sober up the crew
Before we delivered his F&E to the Rod’s PMQ.

Rod suspected my Sergeant but could not prove the deed.
Snuffy had signed the message with all hasty speed.
The Rod stared me in the eye and turned with his pen,
Placing another black mark beside my name again.

Author’s Note: The RSM put a check mark beside a Junior or Senior NCO’s name whom he thought was guilty of something.

It was fun and I enjoyed the drive to Nanaimo. Got me out of the BOR for the day and away from the piles of paper work still to be done when moving a battalion’s furniture and effects from long-term storage in Calgary to the Permanent Married Quarters in Victoria.

Mucker, the Rat, and Shakey are all Battalion Characters and a great bunch of guys. Sgt Don Ethell, my R&D boss, worked his way up the ranks to CFR and on to full Colonel and he is now the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. Staff Sgt Chester Hendrick was wounded in Palermo, Italy and served with Jim Stone in Korea: he wore the blue Presidential Citation, was an old parachute trooper and a great old soldier.

Tales from the Battalion continue