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Poppies: The Taliban Rose by John-Ward Leighton
Poppies: The Taliban Rose
In those Afghan green fields the poppies grow.
To fund Taliban Terrorists – don’t you know?
Is dope really being processed, and on the go?
Tell me Mr. Harper that this is not really so?

It seems that we are there to guard the grow op?
Perhaps Canada should call a halt-Let’s just stop?
Drug users all across Canada and in the USA
Are shooting this heroin each and every day.

Guarding these drugs just doesn’t make much sense;
That just makes Canada, a party to the offence.
The blatant corruption from drugs in Afghanistan
Is in direct contravention to any UN/NATO plan.

Let us not have even one more young Canadian Gal or Guy
Give up their lives without knowing if and why?
We provide irrigation for poppies?-let it be no more.
Let’s stop helping Taliban terrorists to fund their war.

Mean Street Heroin Addict by John-Ward Leighton
Photos of the Taliban Rose and the Mean Street Heroin addict are by Award Winning poet and photographer John Ward Leighton, of Vancouver