William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We had visited the gold market in downtown Beirut.
To the Kit Kat Club we then went, out on a wee toot!
I had a few drinks and returned to my hotel.
Outside was a man with a gold watch to sell.

This poor Arab man he had a terrible sad story.
His family was sick and I told him I was sorry.
He showed me a wrist watch with 21 jewels.
Waterproof too he said; I could swim in the pools.

He would sell me the watch for only $35.00 USD.
Back In 1965 that was a lot of money to me.
I only had thirty dollars so I gave it to him.
A week later in Kyrenia I went out for a swim.

I took my spring spear gun and swam off the shore.
And yes my new gold watch for the first time I wore.
I was astonished and embarrassed when I had seen.
My wrist and my forearm they both had turned green.

The waterproof watch was filled with half of the med.
The workings turned green and the watch it was dead.
My solid gold wristwatch, now of course you will agree.
Is a warning good lesson that I’ll give you for free.

When all of you young soldiers proceed out on leave
Beware of the stranger who might try to deceive.
Enjoy yourselves, and you be careful out there:
Remember the Romans and their “buyer bewares”.