William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The brand new Ombudsman, he didn’t stand beside the troops,
In support of our wounded with missing eyes, arms and boots.
The Legion was again absent, they didn’t take a stand
On behalf of our wounded, each woman and man.

Canadian Veterans sent a message to our honourable P.M.
Asking for positive action, for our wounded, once again.
The PM stands in silence, sticking to his New Veterans’ Charter
When it needs to be amended to make it really matter.

Suicide stats, they go up when these lump sums are all gone –
Blown away at the Casino now there’s nothing left to pawn.
Twenty two year old soldiers that are down on their luck:
They get rid of their demons when they finally give up.

Wounded soldiers need pensions every month of the year.
They need constant shrink attention when the demons appear.
Veterans back our VSI[•] wounded all across this great land:
On Parliament Hill, Canadian veterans stood and took a firm stand.

Author’s Note: This poem is the final finished product of the 1st poem about the call for our PM to amend the NVC and pay pensions to our wounded.

We were at a Gala fundraiser for Boomer’s Legacy on the evening of the 6 Nov after parading with signs in front of PM Gary Lunn’s office. At the gala we met a young wounded warrior survivor, of IEDs in Afghanistan. He was a fine good looking young man permanently confined to a wheelchair. He spoke in a whisper. I told him we would ensure that he and his wife would get a pension from our Government. We would continue to lobby on his behalf. I thanked him for serving Canada and he whispered that it was an honour to serve.

My wife Lynne is an old RN and she burst into tears and we had to leave early. In the car she said the Nurse in her told her that the young man did not have too long to live: his breathing was seen by her many times before not in young patients but in elderly wheelchair ridden patients. She said the Government would not have to worry about paying him a pension for too long.

I said okay then, we will work to see that his wife and the wives of our wounded get pensions.

Be well my friends,