William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Murders and Break and Enters and stolen panty collections,
A General and a Colonel broke the rule, with their erections.
Brigadier General Daniel Menard’s tête-à-tête with a female of junior Rank
Firing off his personal weapon, he got caught in hanky-pank.

Lest we forget, Colonel Bernard Ouellette’s begat and beget
Breaking the no-sex rule which is in place for all, he regrets.
He made the UN Mission Canadian Forces in Haiti lose face
For conduct unbecoming an officer he was sacked in disgrace.

Colonel Russ Williams was the Commanding Officer at CFB Trenton.
He murdered a young Corporal and now in cells he’s repenting.
He broke into PMQ houses and stole ladies panties and stuff,
Committing sexual assaults; he could not seem to get enough.

What happened to Officers and Gentlemen, our leaders’ of yore?
Their leadership and deportment was worth emulating and more.
They came marching out of Kingston, St Jean and Royal Rhodes;
They safely led us young soldiers down some dangerous rough roads.


Exposing bad behaviour might be a result of better accountability

Canwest News Service

OTTAWA – Experts are wondering if the string of scandals involving high – profile Canadian Forces brass including this week’s dismissal of the top Canadian Military commanders in Haiti – are a result of an unprecedented number of misconducts, or a sign of a more accountable military willing to publicly prosecute its leaders.

“I hope it’s the latter,” said Jack Granatstein, a military historian who served in the Canadian Forces until 1966.

He said there was a period in the 1990s where there was a sense that “everything was being covered up,” referencing events relating to the beating death of a Somali teenager by Canadian soldiers during the military’s intervention in that country in 1993.

“I hope we’re finding out these things because the military is determined to run a clean ship,” he said.

On Friday, it was announced that Canada’s most senior-ranking military officer in Haiti has heen forced from his command over a number of allegations, including engaging in an inappropriate relationship. Col. Bernard Ouellette, chief of staff to the United Nations Haiti mission, was relieved on June 26 after a yearlong deployment to quake-ravaged Haiti.

Ouellette joins a who’s who of high ranking military offices dismissed over scandal.

The former commander of CFB Trenton, Col. Russell Williams, was arrested and charged in February with two counts of first-degree murder. Hr has since been charged with 82 more offences relating to break-and-enters and theft.

At the end of May, Brig-Gen. Daniel Menard, Canada’s top soldier in Afghanistan, was dismissed from his job after he was accused of sexual misconduct with a female subordinate. He has since been reassigned to a desk job in Ottawa.

And last month, 12 current and former soldiers were charges with more than 70 drug-related offences, including some related to producing hallucinogenic drugs in a lab close to their barracks at Alberta’s CFB Wainwright.

Michael Byers, an author who holds a Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at University of British Columbia, said he believes the military is taking the no-sex rule more seriously than they have in like past. However, he said the two recent scandals might also reflect the increasing number of women in the ranks of the Canadian Forces.

He added that there is no definitive evidence that the events of the past few months reveal a more open military.

This poem prompted the response, “The Sins of Our Senior Officers” – ©Copyright July 12, 2010 by Les Peate