William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Dear Stephen Harper and my Member of Parliament, Gary Lunn:

The Wretched, Defamatory Sign!
The Wretched, Defamatory Sign!
Please make it your first order of business once the vote of non-confidence is taken, to increase the size of the exhibit space at the brand new CWM to include the KOREAN WAR, as it should be displayed!

Also please remove the “VD Sign”: what has that got to do with honour and gallantry displayed by KOREAN WAR soldiers? Get it removed please. Also while you are at it would you please have them remove the murder pictures of Matchee and Brown from the foyer to the basement and then to the Ottawa City Dump, if possible? The waste of Canadian Tax Payer Dollars on the purchase of these trash copies of photographs is mind-boggling!

Gary you are a great MP and you have always supported Veterans and you have been a friend of ICROSS CANADA. Thank you for taking a stand against this Liberal Hall of Infamy Sir.

The new Canadian War Museum was constructed because the old CWM was made for WW1 – they jammed in exhibits from WW2 and when the KOREAN WAR exhibits were displayed there was little space left to tell the heroic tales of our troops in the front lines at places like Kapyong, and their winning of the US presidential Unit Citation and the individual heroism of Canadian Soldiers under fire.

I knew personally, and served with many of these soldiers and they were my instructors and friends. Do not be like the Liberals and turn your back on them. Why not hire a couple of bona fide KOREAN WAR veterans as advisors to the new CWM and let them plan the increase and the contents of the display exhibits. Let’s have them tell the story of “Sergeant Tommy Prince” Canada’s most highly decorated First Nations Hero?

Prince served Canada with bravery and distinction in WW2 as a Commando Paratrooper with the Devil’s Brigade and in the Korean War under Big Jim Stone in Canada’s finest (still serving) Regiment, the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry!

Thanks for letting me have this rant time Sir(s).


William Willbond, MSM, CD
Canadian Soldier Poet

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Veterans – contact your Member of Parliament and demand that this terrible allegation and slur on the honour of our comrades is immediately removed from the new Canadian War Museum!

Where are the minds of those who are supposed to be professionals and who are charged with providing a visual history of Canada’s role in the Korean War?

Do their minds go to crotch level instead of trying to focus on the noble thoughts and acts of the more than 30,000 who sacrificed their youth in that war and the many thousands who have borne its physical and mental wounds every since?

There is no need for such a wretched spectacle! It does not bring shame upon those who served in the Korean War but upon the museum history staff that had the signage made up and believes it proper to display it.

The source for the statistic is a single book written by a Defence Department policy officer. It’s an absurd allegation.

Did at least 410 men in your lean Battalion of 1,000 or less contract VD?
Did more than 100 men on your destroyer?

It’s absurd and it’s outrageous! There is no excuse for such intolerable disrespect.

Each day thousands of visitors pass through the new museum. The shame lies with the museum staff. It is disgraceful! We believe that those who have authorized the wretched display should be removed from their posts.

Look up the War Museum website and you will find the E-mail addresses of various officials who share the responsibility.

KVA Canada Past National President Dave Davidson says that, “I personally think anything short of having these people replaced would not be an appropriate retaliation for their blunders.”

And so say all of us!