William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(in the Canadian War Museum Without Trial)

Assumed murder to me is quite obscene
it has no place in the war museum
they tainted evidence on the 8th of May
when they hung Matchee’s picture on display!

In Canadian law, you will agree with me,
one is innocent until one is proved guilty
Matchee still has not stood trial
this makes litigation lawyers smile

You can’t please everyone all the time
I’ve learned that from writing rhyme.
So truly Trudy, what else can I say?
Except, Airborne, Airborne all the way!

Author’s Note: Writing pro-active poetry sometimes gets results, although it did not save my beloved Canadian Airborne Regiment from being disbanded in disgrace. (In Canada they like to smite the elite). Pro-active poetry did help to get the 7th Book of Remembrance placed in the Peace Tower and hopefully (and with a burst of common-sense) the CWM will replace the Matchee Murder Picture with one of Mark Isfeld removing land mines (or something similar). There is a good subject for you Trudy.

Ever been to the Mark Isfeld Memorial School in Courtenay BC? There is a small display to a true Canadian War Hero in the foyer.

If you wanted to do a Somalia Painting, how about doing one of our Commandos attempting to save lives in shark infested waters at peril to their lives – or their heroic battle against the Turks on Cyprus in 1974? The subjects and the tales of glory are out there Trudy – go get em!

AIRBORNE Blessings Billy

William Willbond
Canadian Soldier Poet

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From: Gertrude Kearns [mailto:email address supplied]
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To: Billy Willbond

Subject: RE: FW: Dallaire and MacKenzie

Dear Sirs, and in particular Billy Willbond,

Your poem re the new Canadian War Museum is one to which I will respond to at this point! I am the artist who painted 5 of the large contemporary works in the new museum: none of which are ‘at the front door’, but all which have raised some contention in various quarters. The subject matter/issues are what attracted me to creating the works in the first place, starting in 1995 and 1996 with no connection to the institution. The CWM started acquiring some of my work after that point.

Two are re Somalia [yes via the CAR], two are Dallaire, and one is a UN soldier.

I will just mention to you that I spent Sunday May 8th with members of the Airborne Regiment for their ceremony rather than be at the CWM veterans’ ceremony.

Well goodnight all – It’s good that I am safely at my computer and out of real range! Though this does feel rather close…!