William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Admitting that perhaps they made a partial mistake
The Canadian War Museum will now reciprocate
Thanks to the amendments by Mr Mark O’Neill
It now soothes the way that some old veterans feel

The wording is changed and there is a new spiel
Most are now pleased with this brand new deal?
Respectful of History and of Veterans too!
Respect and Honour for each bomber crew!

Our museum is a place where we report Victory
And the Exploits of those who kept the world free
Thanks to Granatstein and Daly and each of our Senators
CWM is unbiased about how Canadians helped win the wars?

Author’s Note: Sometimes proactive poetry does assist in some small way to help get things changed. Bravo Zulu to all who came to the defence of the Canadian Bomber Crews who helped the world to achieve Victory in WW2. Thanks to all of those who wrote the Legion and the Senate Committee – extra kudos to the Canadian Senate who brokered the amendments. Canada could have used guys like you on negations for cease fire line discussions in the quest for peace in the global villages on our battered and bleeding wee planet.